Does Wishlist Member Plugin Worth Its Price?

The most common way of making money online nowadays is through membership sites, and Wishlist Member is one of the most popular and successful plugins for building and managing membership sites.

There are several reasons why Wishlist Member is very popular among membership sites owners: the plugin is very easy to install, every version that is being released is better than the previous one (The Wishlist team is definitely doing their homework) and the most important thing is that it has many important features to help you build powerful and professional membership sites.

Wishlist Member Powerful Features

Unlimited Membership Levels – One of the greatest features Wishlist Members plugin has is the ability to create as many membership levels as you want, which means you can charge more money by creating several levels. You can create free, paid or trial levels, and even use all three options in one membership site.

Wishlist Member Unlimited Membership Levels Wishlist Member Official Site

Sequential Content Delivery – This is a cool feature that allows you to upgrade your members from one level to the next one. For example: you can determine that members from “Silver” level will be automatically upgraded to “Gold” level after 60 days.

Sequential Content Delivery

Shopping Cart Integration – Wishlist Member plugin integrates with popular shopping carts systems like: Clickbank, PayPal, 1ShoppingCart and Cydec.

Shopping Cart Integration

Wishlist Member Official Site

Autoresponders Integration – Wishlist Member plugin also integrates with popular Autoresponders such as: Autoresponseplus, GetResponse, Aweber or even generic systems.

Wishlist Member Autoresponders Integration

Custom Error Pages – in context to the Partial Contact Display, if a non-member or a member from other membership level tries to enter pages they don’t have permission to; they will be directed to an error page you can determine. It’s a great feature that gives you the opportunity to convince them to register/ upgrade their membership level.

Wishlist Member Custom Error Pages

Wishlist Member Official Site

Content Protection – With this feature you can determine which content each membership level will have access to. You can give different membership levels access to different pages, posts, comments and even to different categories.

Wishlist Member Content Protection

Members Log-in Redirection – This is a very nice feature that lets you determine what the first page your members will see after they log-in to your membership site. The great thing is that you can determine different welcoming pages to different membership levels. It’s really a great way to communicate with your members, because you can add relevant updates, welcoming messages and more.

Wishlist Member Members Log-in Redirection

Members Subscription Length Control – You have the ability to control how much time each and every member can access your membership site, meaning: you can set the membership to automatically expire after any number of days you want.

Wishlist Member Subscription Length Control

Wishlist Member Official Site

“Sneak Peak” Content Display– Another great and important feature Wishlist Member has is the ability to display only part of the content to attract new members to register your membership site. For example: you can display the beginning of a post, and as the content gets really interesting and helpful you can block the rest of the post to members only. This feature is very powerful and only a week after I started using it, I get 30% more new members that before.

Secure RSS Feeds – Your members will be able to view your content through their RSS reader, but you won’t have to worry about non-members or former members reading your content, because they will not be able to access the feeds.

Wishlist Member “Sneak Peak” Content Display and Secure RSS FeedGet more information on Wishlist Member official website

Why Wishlist Member is the Best Option?

Wishlist Member is a WordPress plugin, so the installation process is extremely easy, takes only minutes and includes a few simple steps: purchasing Wishlist Member plugin, installing and activating it, just like any other WordPress plugin.

Wishlist Member has many great and helpful features that are really must have features for every membership site’s owner. All these great features make it very easy to create professional membership sites with multiple levels.

Wishlist Member support team is just wonderful and quickly responds and act to solve any problem you have. Good support is very important, and it is not something you should take for granted.

Wishlist Member Price

I know that $297 seems like a lot of money, but if you are serious about making money from membership sites, that this is defiantly the best option. I guarantee you can return your investment in not so long period of time.

Wishlist also built a great community called Wishlist Insider, which gives its members complete training on building and maintaining membership sites. Being registered to Wishlist Insider gives you a huge advantage over other membership sites owners, since as an insider member you will be getting:

  • Live trainings and webinars.
  • Audio lessons and video tutorials.
  • Tips from the Wishlist Member team.
  • Interviews with successful and inspiring marketers.
  • Bonus materials such as the monthly plugin and courses.
  • WordPress themes and plugin recommendations.
  • Access to the community forum and interact with other Wishlist Members and share your ideas and thoughts on membership sites.
  • New plugin for Wishlist Member every month – IMPORTANT: The plugin is developed by the Wishlist team and is only given to people who were registered in that specific month to Wishlist insider.
    And a lot more…

As a member of Wishlist insider, I must tell you there are some very important plugins for upgrading your membership site that you just won’t find anywhere else.

If you are only starting out, and you still have some doubts, you can try Wishlist Member free trial, however, being a paid member will allow you to fully take advantage of the potential and prospects the plugin offers.

My Final Conclusion on Wishlist Member Plugin

So back to my first question: does Wishlist Member plugin worth its price? Defiantly YES!

Wishlist Member is by far the most advanced plugin for building membership sites, and as you can see from the above screen-shots I took, it offers many necessary features for building strong and powerful membership sites.

The Wishlist Member team is constantly improving Wishlist Member, and every version of the plugin that goes out is improved than the previous one.

I absolutely recommend you to purchase Wishlist Member and quickly turn your WordPress blog to a successful money making membership site.

Get Wishlist Member plugin here

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